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WebPhy is a web server for phylogenomic inference. It aims to provide training and computational services for phylogenetics community.  As more genomic data become increasingly available, it is challenging to understand and run the ever-changing analytic tools for phylogenomic inference.

from Grunwald and Goss 2011

The training portal gives a series of presentations to explain the biological, mathematical, and statistical foundations on which the computational approaches are based. The presentations not only include math or statistics theories but also include applicable R and Python code for implementing phylogenetic models for real data analysis.

The computational portal provides a web interface to run tools for phylogenomic inference. With WebPhy, users can analyze their data without the need to deal with the actual programs or software. 

A pipeline for Phylogenomic Analysis


If you are using this website for phylogenetic inference, please cite the following papers as see appropriate. 

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Contributors to this website: Shaoyuan Wu, Lili Yu, Liang Liu. For questions, please contact