Concatenation model assumes that all genes have the same history. The assumption of homogeneous gene trees is tested by a likelihood ration test where the null hypothesis is that all gene trees are equal to each other while the alternative hypothesis is that at least two gene trees are not identical. The null distribution of the likelihood ratio test statatistic is approximated by bootstrapping.


To validate the concatenation model, users need to upload the alignment files of at least two genes in phylip format. If the alignment file is in fasta or nexus format, please use "data conversion tool" to convert it to phylip format. An example of multiple gene files is available for download. After submission, a unique web link will be generated for users to download the result of the analysis. 

One file only. | 2 MB limit. | Allowed types: txt, phy, pptx, zip.
The result will be sent via this email. Please make sure that the email address is correct.