Substitution model selection calculates the AIC for each prespecified substitution model. AIC = -2loglikehood + 2K, where K is the number of parameters in the model.The model with the minimum AIC is selected as the best substitution model for phylogenetic analysis. However, the selected model may not necessarily fit the sequence data. Thus, substitution model validation should also be performed to validate the selected model. 

Users upload the alignment file(s) in phylip format (for example, test.phy). If the alignment file is in fasta or nexus format, please use "data conversion tool" to convert it to phylip format. Multiple alignment files are allowed but must be uploaded as a zip file and make sure all alignment files are in phylip format. After submission, a unique web link will be generated for users to download the result of the analysis. 

One file only. | 2 MB limit. | Allowed types: phy, phylip, zip.
Choose at least two substitution models for selection
The result will be sent via this email. Please make sure that the email address is correct.